Saturday, August 1, 2009

Moving On

So yesterday I got a call from Avante... I did not get the job. I wont lie I was upset but I had prepared myself for the worst. In the interview they said they get over 100 applications a week so I felt blessed I even got an interview. I called my friend Amber and told her the news. At first she did not believe me. After convincing her I was not lying she said her boss had told her how much she had liked me but they wanted someone who could work Sundays. After Amber told me that I was not so upset. I knew I would find another job and I would be blessed for standing my ground and saying I would not work Sundays!

On a brighter note I was watching Oprah and Rachel Ray yesterday and learned some AMAZING stuff. On Oprah they showed how to save money at the grocery store by making a list and shopping the sales. They also gave awesome ideas for easy recipes that cost like $15 for an entire days worth of food. I would urge you all to go on her website under the food tab then the menu category and look up Cat, Curtis and Tyler's recipes. You will be glad you did! Ok so then on Rachel Ray it was saying how to turn your old clothes into new stylish ones. It showed how to take an old pair of jeans and make them look vintage and take your old shirts and turn them into clothes for your kids with just scissors, a toothpick and ribbon. So I would LOVE to try these out so I am wanting to know who has time to be crafty with me? To get more info on how to do these awesome ideas go to Rachel Rays website look on Fridays show and look at the no sew make overs!


  1. um i will when i get back! hello me and you are going to craft out little hearts out! you will get a job, dont worry!

  2. Ill have to check these links out. Thanks for the tip.

    Thanks for your comment. It seems we have a lot of mutual friends.

  3. It is so good to hear you stood strong, the lord will bless. :) good luck

  4. We are very proud of you.

    Jerry and Janet

  5. I watched that segment, and the bleached T-shirt idea was especially cool. And if I get really brave, the skirt/shirt into a dress thing might be really fun. Having a hard time visualizing the sweater dress for kids, though...I must not have seen that "look" before.