Monday, August 24, 2009

Cheap and Easy

So on Saturday I found out that I can do hair at my salon. They just charge for the product (color) so between $10-$20. What a steal! So if you are wanting anything done just let me know. They don't book for me I have to do it all myself so email, text, or call me.
Ok on to more exciting stuff. I was thinking of how much I hate waking up early to get ready. So I decided to do some investigating on what are easy ways to look like you spent an hour getting ready but really on spent like 15min. Here is my list

1 Mascara it makes eyes look awake
2 eye liner defines those peepers
3 blush/bronzer adds color and makes you look sun kissed
4 naturally wavy hair Rock that body add some gel or mouse
5 straight hair use a little bit of back combing and hair spray
6 add hair accessories like flowers it makes it look like you put more effort into it
7 earrings even a simple pair can add some spice to your look
This is my list so far. I read ALOT of magazines and did some people watching to see what I thought would be easy but yet make a difference. What do you think? Do you agree, have more to add, give me your feedback!
If you don't want to spend a lot on beauty products Sally's has cheap but good hair products and ELF make up has good eye shadows. Also ULTA has good sales on make up. I like BENEFIT and SMASHBOX for my face and DERMALOGICA is what I swear by for face wash.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Health Care

So Obama is tying to make health care available for everyone. Being some one who cant get private insurance due to endometriosis I am all for health care but not when its FREE. When you just hand stuff out to people and don't make them have any responsibilities they don't understand how lucky they are and they abuse it. I have seen this first hand working in the dental field. People were getting FREE dental care and were not even grate full. This makes me upset because Brent and I have not have not had insurance for over a year and do our best to stay healthy. So to Obama I would say, make people learn a little bit of responsibility. Don't just give it away but make it more available to EVERYONE! What do you all think? Am I crazy or is Obama's plan not so smart?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Back to Life

So earlier in the week I went in for an interview at Epic Salon in Chandler. I didn't get my hopes up because i had not yet received my license and I was trying to be open minded. So about three hours after the interview they called and said i had got the job! I was so excited. Its only about thirty hours a week but its better than nothing. Then yesterday i got the BEST letter in the mail. I PASSED STATE BOARD. So its official i am a licensed cosmetologist. So this week has been pretty good if you ask me. I will be in the assisting program at Epic for six months to a year and then i will get my own chair and be a stylist. This is exactly what i wanted. Learn more about cosmetology and be the BEST stylist ever.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Easy Enchiladas

2 family size cans cream of chicken soup
2 cans of chicken
1 can diced green chilis
2 cups shredded cheese
1 tub sour cream
36 pack corn tortillas
Add all ingredients except tortillas to crock pot and put on low 1-2 hours (until soupy). Tear up tortillas add to crock pot. Heat about an hour. Serve.

These are so good and so easy. I like mine a little more spicy so I add a can of el pato. If you are making it for just TWO I would suggest cutting the recipe in half.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Ok so here I go again about wanting a baby. It seems like everyone and their mother is pregnant. I know I should be excited for them but I just get upset, why am I not pregnant? I have been off birth control for a year now, I eat right, take prenatal pills, check when I am ovulating but still NOTHING. Every time I am a day late I get all excited just to be let down, AGAIN. I know this is such a selfish and depressing post but I am just felling that way. So I ask does anyone know of ANYTHING I can do/take to help? I read about this pill called Endovan does anyone know anything about it? Ok I feel like I need to say THANK YOU to my family for praying and helping through this and BRENT for dealing with my bad attitude and always keeping me positive and looking at the stuff we are blessed with.
1 A Home
2 Charlie
3 Family
4 Temple/Church
5 Health

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


So yesterday Brent called me from work and said “let’s go shopping today,” I said ok and didn’t think much about it all day. So by the time he came home I was not in the mood to go because it was so hot outside. Brent said I had no choice we were going. So we went to Chandler Mall and used some gift cards we had for American Eagle, Bath and Body Works and Nordstrom. I never knew that Nordstrom had a sister store called Nordstrom Rack and everything is like 50% cheaper. I was so excited to be out of the house with my babe! We got new heels for me (they are super cute) and Brent a new shirt. We also got some soap and lotion from Bath and Body Works. In all we spent about $5, now that’s my kind of shopping! And to make it even better Brent held the bags for me. On the car ride home I was so EXHAUSTED, now I remember why I am not into shopping. All the smells and walking around really wears me out. So I asked Brent why he wanted to go shopping so badly. He said he had read our blog and felt bad that I didn’t feel like I had cute stuff and wanted to take me out. I instantly felt all warm inside. My BRENTY, after a long day at work, was willing to take me out shopping and even hold my bags. Man I am SO lucky to have him. What husband WANTS to go shopping with their wife? SO after yesterday I feel like a PRINCESS and my prince BRENT is the bestest ever.

I can wear this shirt to work!(When I get a job)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Moving On

So yesterday I got a call from Avante... I did not get the job. I wont lie I was upset but I had prepared myself for the worst. In the interview they said they get over 100 applications a week so I felt blessed I even got an interview. I called my friend Amber and told her the news. At first she did not believe me. After convincing her I was not lying she said her boss had told her how much she had liked me but they wanted someone who could work Sundays. After Amber told me that I was not so upset. I knew I would find another job and I would be blessed for standing my ground and saying I would not work Sundays!

On a brighter note I was watching Oprah and Rachel Ray yesterday and learned some AMAZING stuff. On Oprah they showed how to save money at the grocery store by making a list and shopping the sales. They also gave awesome ideas for easy recipes that cost like $15 for an entire days worth of food. I would urge you all to go on her website under the food tab then the menu category and look up Cat, Curtis and Tyler's recipes. You will be glad you did! Ok so then on Rachel Ray it was saying how to turn your old clothes into new stylish ones. It showed how to take an old pair of jeans and make them look vintage and take your old shirts and turn them into clothes for your kids with just scissors, a toothpick and ribbon. So I would LOVE to try these out so I am wanting to know who has time to be crafty with me? To get more info on how to do these awesome ideas go to Rachel Rays website look on Fridays show and look at the no sew make overs!