Monday, November 30, 2009


Dear Baby Lewis

Mom would like to know what on earth you are doing in there? You are only 16weeks old but I
can feel you moving already. It feels like butterflys have taken over my tummy. Every time I try to have dad feel it you stop moving. I think it is a little game you like to play! I can see you now my little mischievous one playing tricks on mom and dad. The past couple of weeks you have given us a scare with the bad cramps, killer back pain and shooting pain down my leg, but you were probably just trying to make my tummy more comfortable. You FINALLY let me stop throwing up and put on 3lbs. Now I am starting to fill out more, and soon I could actually look pregnant! Mom and dad love you so much. Dad insists you only listen to GOOD music so he puts Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon on my tummy and you seem to like it. Dad already is speaking to you in Portuguese and slowly I am learning too. Five more months in my tummy and then it will be your big day. And dont forget Dec 21, give us a clear so we can see if you are a boy or girl! Try to be kind and gentle when you do arrive and not be over 8lbs. I dont think I can give birth to a 10lbs baby! Remember mom and dad love you and want you to grown big and strong!
Love MOM


Monday, November 9, 2009


So this past week has been a roller coaster. I have been throwing up 2-3 times a day and hungry as ever. Today I went to the doc for my 13 week check up and all is good. I am O Negative blood type so if Brent has positive blood I have to get a shot at 7months if we plan on having any more babies. Notice how I put the word IF....Yes 1 may be enough for me if being pregnant means being miserable. I told Brent my idea and he just looked at me, so I don't think he likes it.

Since my first visit I have lost some weight so the doc put me on Zofran to try and help me keep stuff down. I sure hope it works. We also listened to the babies heart beat and the doc made the comment "Wow sure sounds like an active one!" NOOOOO! Looks like baby Lewis is already doing cartwheels in my tummy and there is nothing we can do to stop the little thing. I also got the H1N1 shot. I was scared to at first but I figured what is the worst that can happen? At least I wont become a little piggy!

We have prepared ourselves that the baby is most likely a girl since the doc said he thinks it is and everyone else does to. Get ready for the most blinged out girl ever. We might as well name her sparkle because she will always have her accessories. Lets just hope she checks her attitude at the door.

So there is not much to see just the start of a bump.