Friday, April 23, 2010

the BIG day!

Here are a few pictures my sister in law Emily took of us!

So after talking to the doctor and telling him we are moving to Oregon May 15 he said he could induce me at 39 weeks. So we have set the date! Its May 10th at 8pm. I am SO excited. The end is within reach! The doctor said that since I am only dialted to a 1 that I should plan on it taking a good 24 hours. What?! He said bring movies, books and things to keep myself entertained. So I don't know if I can have visitors while I am waiting but if I can you are more than welcome to pop in and say hello. Just know as soon as the pushing begins everyone must go:)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Big Boy!

So last Friday we went and got an ultra sound of little Reg. He weighs about 7lbs and his head was measuring 2 weeks bigger than it should be. What the? I almost died. Seven pounds already and he still has four weeks left. I sure hope he comes soon or I will give birth to a toddler. Then Saturday was my baby shower and it was a blast. There was so much good food and friends and family I was the happiest girl. Reg got SO many clothes and diapers and not to mention a pimp car seat and stroller. I have to thank my in laws for putting the entire thing on. It was nice to just show up and get free stuff and not have to worry about anything. Thank you thank you thank you! So today I went for my 36 weeks appt. My cervix is thinning out but is still not open. I also found out I am a strep carrier and am RH neg so my delivery should be fun and full of extra shots and excitement. I am not to stressed about labor I am actually looking forward to it. So I will keep you all updated on how big Reg gets and when and I go into labor. If anyone has any SAFE ideas to help speed the process along I am all ears!

Me and Three of my best friends at my shower. We are all PREGNANT!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

35 Weeks

Ok so this week I am 35 weeks pregnant! What the....where did the time go? The doctor thinks Reg is only 6 to 6 1/2lbs so I go in this Friday for an ultrasound to see. I am excited I have not seen my little guy since 18 weeks. Brent will poke my belly all the time and say " Hey you in there, your time is up." Its so cute but I keep reminding Brent that Reg is just chilling in his lazy boy recliner and will come when he is ready. I know this may sound weird and maybe you mothers out there will understand but I feel like I already know him and his little personality. He is going to be stubborn and active with his own agenda but I also think he will be a little love bug too. I can see him now wanting to work things out his own way and on his own time. this will bug me because I like things done a certain way but I will just have to learn to live with it. I think he will be a good baby and will like to be passed around and and loved on. He will know he is cute, just like his daddy! I just cant wait! I want to see him and snuggle him. I told Brent that after he is born that he should hold him first because once I get him, he is all mine. Brent laughed but I could tell he is excited to hold him first. So that is all for now I swear I will post pics in the next week!