Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Year

So I thought that if I wrote down my goals for the new year it might help me accomplish them so here we go.
1 Get Pregnant
2 Read Scriptures at least 15min each day
3 Potty train Reg
4 Go on a fun family vacation
5 Go to the Temple more
6 Get down to my pre baby weight
7 Have more date nights with Brent
8 Do more sewing projects
9 Start running and possibly run a half marathon.
So these are my goals for the year 2012. I will try yo keep you updated on how I am doing.

In other news Reg has been sick for about three weeks now. He has been cranky, sleepy, and hasn't been eating anything. So today I took him to the doctor and they said he has two huge ear infections. My poor baby. I felt like a terrible mother. I mean he wasn't pulling on his ears or anything so I thought it was just a cold. so he is on medicine so hopefully he should be better by Christmas.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Yes I know

So I know I have not updated in a VERY long time so here we go.


It was hot and we went swimming just about everyday. Aunt Sarah came to visit and Reg enjoyed himself. We went to D.C. everyday and saw a lot of fun stuff.


Brent worked the night shift a lot so it was just me and Reg. We went shopping, read books and took naps. Reg got really sick and had a fever of 103 for almost 24hours. I was a little scared and since Brent was working nights I was left alone to take care of Reg. Needless to say I let Reg sleep in our bed so I could keep an eye on him. We also had a 5.8 earthquake and a hurricane in August. We made it through so now I know we can do anything.
End of August
Well we did it, WE MOVED! We are now in a 2bedroom 1 1/2 bath townhouse and love it. There is so much space and we are so close to TWO different parks. My mom was here during the move which was AMAZING. Brent and I moved almost all of our stuff down the 3 flights of stairs (Did I mention I have been working out) and my mom watched Reg for us. While my mom was here we took her to D.C., Arlington and The Battle of Bull Run. It was so much fun to have my mom here.


So far it has been a great month. The weather is great and Reg and I are at the park almost everyday. Reg walks like a pro now. He does not really talk yet but he does point to things and grunt and if you ask him where is the dog or to get a book he understands. We are loving our life out here on the east coast but can't wait to go home and visit for Thanksgiving.

Just trying on winter hats
The Battle of Bull Run

Where's Waldo?
When Reg was sick:(
My handsome boy

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Here is the proof that Reg can walk!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Ok I know I have not posted in a very long but right now I am in NEED of some advice. So Brent and I do not like living on the third floor and wish we would have taken more time to find a place that we really love. We have been looking around at places to rent and counting down the months until our lease ends. Recently a family in our ward announced that they would be moving and that there three bedroom town home would be up for rent. When I heard the news I asked how much they were asking for rent and was excited to find it was about the same as our apartment. (Having a town home rent out for about the same as an apartment is crazy in this area) So I asked Brent if we could break our lease to move. He was not into it at first but then realized that it was a steal. So I went and talked to our leasing office and found out if we break our lease we are responsible for the monthly rent until they can rent it out to someone else. Now all my hopes and dreams are crushed. The people in the office said that a 2bed 2bath usually rents out fast but there is no guarantee. So should Brent and I move and hope someone will move in here or should we just stay?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Oh how he is growing!

So I am so bad at blogging. So much has changed since my last post.

First I am doing between two to four haircuts a week! YAY for extra money and for doing hair. Second, drum roll please............REG CAN WALK! Yes I know it's sad, exciting and nerve racking all at the same time. He can stand all by himself and takes between five to ten steps all by himself. Every time he does it I get all excited and start to shout and clap my hands. This puts a HUGE smile on Reg's face and makes him so happy. Me and Brent will make him walk to us to get a treat and he loves it. I am so excited to see Reg grow and develop it makes me so proud and excited to see what the future will bring. Third, we are finally going to have visitors. Brent's parents are coming this weekend and we could not be more excited. We miss our families so much and can't wait to finally see them. In July Brent's sister Sarah is coming to visit and then in August my mom will come. These next couple of months are going to rock with all the company we will have. Last I just got in some super cute purses. I am sure if you would like one but don't want to pay for shipping one of our family members would be happy to bring it back to AZ for ya. (PS The Red one is to DIE for)

I will post some pics and video of Reg walking as soon as I get some!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A day in the life

One and Only

So tomorrow is my little boy's first birthday. WOW TIME HAS GONE BY SO FAST! I love my little Reg so very much and wouldn't mind having alot of chubby little boys running a muck around my house. There are just a few problems with that. First off with c-sections the max amount of kids you can have is four. Brent and I never wanted more than four so that is not such a big problem. Second being pregnant is the WORST thing ever. I dare say it's worse than constipation. (Yes I just said that) I can't stand the throwing up for 20 weeks, the constant pressure, and don't even get me started on the sleepless nights All this my friends is only the horror being pregnant. Now to the part right after the baby is born. Well first there is not being able to stand up straight or even sneeze with out fear of your insides falling out and your incision ripping open. Then there is the six weeks of death, you all know what I am talking about. Add to that the pain of nursing and fear you might spring a leak. So for all these reasons, Reg just might end up being an only child. So unless a stork shows up on my door step with a cute little baby, Reg will just have to wait a few more years for a sibling.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Big boy

So this week my little Reg will turn 1! It is so sad to think he is growing up. I feel like just yesterday I was huge and waiting to meet my little guy. With this birthday comes a lot of changes. NO MORE FORMULA. I don't know how Reg will like this but it's so expensive. This leads me into my first question.

1 How do you switch a kid over to cows milk?
I have no idea how to do this and we don't go to the doc for two more weeks.

Monday, May 2, 2011



Monday, April 25, 2011


I will be taking over my sister's purse shop. Stay tuned for more info!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


I have a dear friend who is wanting to adopt so bad. Her and her husband have been waiting for over six years. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep her in your payers and keep your ears open. If you would like more info on her see


Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Everyday I look at Reg and think of how much he has grown from the day before. It's so sad to think that in a couple of weeks my little guy will be 1! It seems like just yesterday I was huge and waiting to meet my little guy. Now he is crawling, standing up, and getting into EVERYTHING and I wouldn't change it for the world. I tell him all day everyday that I love him and I give him lots of kisses because I know someday soon he will be embarrassed by me. I love this kid more than anything ever (except Brent) and would do anything to keep him happy! I love his chubby cheeks and the way they get red when he lets out a huge belly laugh. I love his raspy voice and even though it gets old I love the way he calls out mama. All in all I have the best little boy and I love him to pieces.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Have you ever?

So today its warm and sunny out side! THANK HEAVENS. I was so close to packing our stuff up and moving back to AZ. Life here in VA kinda sucks right now. It always seems to be cold and rainy add that to lack of money and friends and you get the perfect combo for a completely boring life . Brent says it will get better but when all the days mush together and you never see the sun it's hard to believe him. I find craft ideas and then I remember I have and almost 1 year old who destroys anything in his path and unless that craft is going to be hanging on the wall it wont be safe. So the story of my life is wake up feed Reg and Charlie, go for a walk, come home play and watch cartoons, cook dinner, go to bed just to wake up the next day and do it all over again. Yay:/

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Sorry but I could not resist!

We had a blast. We went on a tour of the Capital building and saw all the beautiful trees in bloom. We can't wait for friends and family to come visit so we can show them around.

Our new place

So those are just a few pics of our new "cozy" apartment. As you can see it is a little smaller than our 2,000sqft house but 900ft of living space for our small family will do for now.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

So Hard

Growing up I was always taught that you have to work hard for the things you want. I got my first job at 15 and have been a working girl ever since. It always made me feel good waking up and working a full day and not to mention the MONEY. Even though I never stuck to just one job field I have always enjoyed what I did.

Now that I am a stay at home mom things are a lot harder than I expected. Some days I miss waking up and going to work.I also miss the adult interaction and not to mention the pay checks. I feel like it is the same thing day after day. Then add to that not having car and living thousands of miles away from ANYONE you know makes it 10x harder.

Sunday I thought to myself I will just do hair out of my apartment to make some extra money and be able to get to know some people. So at church I was scoping out my new clients and to my amazement I saw about a hand full of ladies who look like they get their hair done. SERIOUSLY?! Back in AZ you will find a hand full of ladies you DON'T get their hair done. So it looks like I am back to square one.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Have you ever seen a kid more excited to be getting caught playing in the kitchen?

So Yesterday we had some amazing weather. It was in the mid 60's which means when we went on our Sunday walk we only needed a light sweat shirt instead of our heavy coats:) I am starting to get excited at thought of Spring!

Our Apartment( We are on the 3 floor)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Just a taste

Here is just a taste of some pics since our move.

Reg loves to get into trouble. This kid has me on my toes all day long.
Last of all on our 4 day drive to Virginia we stopped by this place. I am in love with Sadie's salsa, you can buy it at any store, so when I heard they had a restaurant I had to check it out.

Friday, March 11, 2011

We are here!

We have arrived in Virginia safe and sound. We have moved into our cozy little apartment and are almost done unpacking. So far we love it here. We have gone down to D.C. and been "tourists" and enjoyed every second of it. Pictures will be coming soon.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A couple of weeks ago we decided between the two different job offers. We ended up choosing to work for Bechtel in Washington DC. We will be moving at the end of this month. Peace out Arizona!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Got to GO!

So Brent has graduated from ASU, and received a job offer from Kiewit Northwest. The pay is good and so are the benefits, but we are still waiting for a job offer from Bechtel which should be coming any day now. Soon we should know when and where we will be moving. The suspense is killing me.
Reg is almost 8 months old, has two treeth and is such a busy body. He can sit up on his own and can scoot himself backwards. He loves to eat, play and snuggle. Reg loves to watch Baby Einstein and sing and clap his hands. We are waiting for the day he starts to crawl around!

I have decided to get myself back into shape. I have gone to the gym everyday this year, well except Sundays. I am looking to get back down to my pre baby weight. These last 10lbs have got to go! I have tried to eat only healthy stuff and drink lots of water but it almost seems like I am gaining weight. Needless to say I am very frustrated. So my weight loss journey continues:/