Sunday, January 18, 2009


So the month of January is a special one. Both me and Brent were both born in January. We decided to have a big party. We invited all of our friends and family over to our new home for pizza cake and the Cards game. It was so much fun. We went through 13pizzas and over 48 cans of soda. Oh ya and a Costco cake. What can I say we hang out with people who know how to eat! Being married is so much fun. I was thinking back on our first month married and how i would cry when i had to go to work because i would miss Brent. Well....not to much has changed. I leave around 9am and get back home around 10:30pm. We never see each other so the time we do spend together means alot. Just 7more months then i will be done with cosmotology school and we will have more "together time"

Ok so going to Cosmotology school has made me realize that i am so out of touch with style. I have had the same hair since i was 14 and i even have clothes i wore back in high school. My resolution is to get in touch with current trends. Now i am not saying i am going to become all "worldy" but just not look the same everyday. So....I cut my hair. i had my friend Amber do it. She did an awesome job. Brent said quote "Wow Amber did a great job i like it" So i will keep you all posted on my goal!