Wednesday, May 27, 2009


so me and brent have been doing alot of talking the past couple months about getting a dog. about two weeks ago brent surprised me and go a cute little shih tzu from the pound. the first couple nights were hard and i told brent to take the dog back i was over the dog thing but then me and charlie started to bond. he is the best dog ever. he never barks, is potty trained and best of all loves me to death! me and charlie have great fun together weather it be going on a walk or playing with his squeaky toy. all of this hard work has made me realize i want a little boy to spoil to death and one brent can pass his "ladies man" skills onto. i know you all must be thinking we have only been married a year but i cant wait to have little brents running around. i know that we have some challenges up ahead with trying to get pregnant and the whole deal but hopefully it wont be to much of a heart ache and if so we will just adopt cute little babies. so those are my thoughts as of today. i will add some pics of charlie once i up load them to the computer. and please keep me and brent in your prayers that someday we will be able to have kids!