Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our House... In the Middle of Our Street!

So many of you have not made it out to our new i thought i would bring it to you!

ta dah!!

guess who decorated this room?

great room

entry hall
our messy room

Sunday, April 5, 2009


10 where else can you see a three year old riding a quad down the street
9 a trip to walmart is like going to the mall
8 you wake up to the smell of fresh cow poop
7 you have a horse and buggy driving down a busy road
6 country thunder is 5 min away
5 you have cotton fields less than 1/4 mile away
4 your neighbors are hard core rednecks and are ropers in rodeos
3 you have over 75 kids under the age of 18 months in your ward and 5 nurseries
2 you can say y'all and its common language

And my top reason i LOVE living in queen creek is...........

You meet new people and make new friends!