Monday, August 10, 2009


Ok so here I go again about wanting a baby. It seems like everyone and their mother is pregnant. I know I should be excited for them but I just get upset, why am I not pregnant? I have been off birth control for a year now, I eat right, take prenatal pills, check when I am ovulating but still NOTHING. Every time I am a day late I get all excited just to be let down, AGAIN. I know this is such a selfish and depressing post but I am just felling that way. So I ask does anyone know of ANYTHING I can do/take to help? I read about this pill called Endovan does anyone know anything about it? Ok I feel like I need to say THANK YOU to my family for praying and helping through this and BRENT for dealing with my bad attitude and always keeping me positive and looking at the stuff we are blessed with.
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  1. hahaha i love you. i cant wait till your a mom. i have no idea how to gwt pregnant... it will happen though

  2. I really liked this post.
    Is that weird?
    Anywho...I'll keep you in my prayers!!!
    Can't wiat to see all those little Brents running around beating up sam!!

  3. Miranda
    hey it's Debi from Retro tans daughter Brooke. I found your blog and just read your post/ Babies and such a touchy subject. I just had a miscarriage last May and can't seem to get prego since. I just have to realize the Lord has a better plan then I do. I know that's hard cuz we all feel like we can and should be able to run our life better but He know's what He is doing. i will keep you in my prayers and keep my fingers crossed for you. So good to catch up through your blog. You look amazing! )

  4. Sorry D that sucks!! I didnt know you had been trying that long! When the time is right it will happen!!

  5. have you tried a fertility doc yet? they can test you and see if anything is wrong.

  6. That has to be so hard. I am so sorry! I am sure you will have a baby soon!

  7. I am so sorry, good luck! You will be blessed soon :)

  8. You feel about babies how I feel about people getting bigger houses--except your desire is not selfish/prideful like mine. But I still kind of understand the frustration and inability to be happy when someone has what you want. I am praying for you guys.

  9. Hi, came about your blog while googling for Endovan. Been trying very hard for a baby for over a year and am getting rather discouraged. But am really happy to know you are a mother now... i pray for the day i can be one too... God bless~