Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Health Care

So Obama is tying to make health care available for everyone. Being some one who cant get private insurance due to endometriosis I am all for health care but not when its FREE. When you just hand stuff out to people and don't make them have any responsibilities they don't understand how lucky they are and they abuse it. I have seen this first hand working in the dental field. People were getting FREE dental care and were not even grate full. This makes me upset because Brent and I have not have not had insurance for over a year and do our best to stay healthy. So to Obama I would say, make people learn a little bit of responsibility. Don't just give it away but make it more available to EVERYONE! What do you all think? Am I crazy or is Obama's plan not so smart?


  1. i dont even know where to begin! DUMBEST. PLAN.EVER. your not crazy...there are so many things wrong with this plan it makes me sick. the government is slowly but SURLY taking over our lives, know your rights! obamas plan = not so smart

  2. Obama is a horrible. agree worst plan ever! poor people who dont do anything get free health care on top of all the other s*** THEY GET FOR FREE! thats whats so great about america, work hard you get what you deserve, if you are lazy, well tough luck get up and go work and than, maybe you have some room to complain, but until than goverment needs to stay out of health care!