Thursday, April 14, 2011

Have you ever?

So today its warm and sunny out side! THANK HEAVENS. I was so close to packing our stuff up and moving back to AZ. Life here in VA kinda sucks right now. It always seems to be cold and rainy add that to lack of money and friends and you get the perfect combo for a completely boring life . Brent says it will get better but when all the days mush together and you never see the sun it's hard to believe him. I find craft ideas and then I remember I have and almost 1 year old who destroys anything in his path and unless that craft is going to be hanging on the wall it wont be safe. So the story of my life is wake up feed Reg and Charlie, go for a walk, come home play and watch cartoons, cook dinner, go to bed just to wake up the next day and do it all over again. Yay:/


  1. I cant say that i've ever been in your position, but I can feel for you. I know how hard i can and MUST be.

    It'll be getting warmer and maybe you'll have play groups with other moms. I've always thought that that would be a nice diversion.

    Hang in there miranda!

  2. "how hard IT can and must be."
    geez, i need to learn to proof read...

  3. Hi! You probably dont remember me but we went to EVIT together. We both know Kalina!
    I have been where you are (mius the 1 year old) I moved to New Mexico for my hubby's job. I started working part time but it took 6 weeks to get my license. I explored all the malls and shopping areas. I went to the grocery store once a week and worked out. I don't know if working is an option for you but I have gotten a few of my hubby's co workers to get hair cuts from me at our apartment. Its easy and brings in a few extra dollars. I am hoping once the single guys get girlfriends or wives I get pick up a few more at home clients.
    All in all. I can say it does get easier! Just gotta get through the first few months.
    We are moving in a few months to CA for my hubby to go back to school so I get to start all over again finding friends and places to go.

    Good Luck,