Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Yes I know

So I know I have not updated in a VERY long time so here we go.


It was hot and we went swimming just about everyday. Aunt Sarah came to visit and Reg enjoyed himself. We went to D.C. everyday and saw a lot of fun stuff.


Brent worked the night shift a lot so it was just me and Reg. We went shopping, read books and took naps. Reg got really sick and had a fever of 103 for almost 24hours. I was a little scared and since Brent was working nights I was left alone to take care of Reg. Needless to say I let Reg sleep in our bed so I could keep an eye on him. We also had a 5.8 earthquake and a hurricane in August. We made it through so now I know we can do anything.
End of August
Well we did it, WE MOVED! We are now in a 2bedroom 1 1/2 bath townhouse and love it. There is so much space and we are so close to TWO different parks. My mom was here during the move which was AMAZING. Brent and I moved almost all of our stuff down the 3 flights of stairs (Did I mention I have been working out) and my mom watched Reg for us. While my mom was here we took her to D.C., Arlington and The Battle of Bull Run. It was so much fun to have my mom here.


So far it has been a great month. The weather is great and Reg and I are at the park almost everyday. Reg walks like a pro now. He does not really talk yet but he does point to things and grunt and if you ask him where is the dog or to get a book he understands. We are loving our life out here on the east coast but can't wait to go home and visit for Thanksgiving.

Just trying on winter hats
The Battle of Bull Run

Where's Waldo?
When Reg was sick:(
My handsome boy


  1. cant wait till november!! get ready to party!

  2. Emily my life while in AZ will consist of 0 sleep and energy drinks

  3. He really is such a handsome little guy Miranda!! I like his squinty eyes and big cheeks!

  4. so cute cant wait to see you! ps TARGET ha ha