Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Ok I know I have not posted in a very long but right now I am in NEED of some advice. So Brent and I do not like living on the third floor and wish we would have taken more time to find a place that we really love. We have been looking around at places to rent and counting down the months until our lease ends. Recently a family in our ward announced that they would be moving and that there three bedroom town home would be up for rent. When I heard the news I asked how much they were asking for rent and was excited to find it was about the same as our apartment. (Having a town home rent out for about the same as an apartment is crazy in this area) So I asked Brent if we could break our lease to move. He was not into it at first but then realized that it was a steal. So I went and talked to our leasing office and found out if we break our lease we are responsible for the monthly rent until they can rent it out to someone else. Now all my hopes and dreams are crushed. The people in the office said that a 2bed 2bath usually rents out fast but there is no guarantee. So should Brent and I move and hope someone will move in here or should we just stay?


  1. i was just about to ask the same question emily did.
    i know that here in az they cant legally make you pay till they rent it out again. you should look in your lease...there should be a clause saying that if you break your lease you have to pay X amount of dollars.
    at our apartment here it ends up being 2 months rent.

  2. post on craiglist woman! thats what we did. that way you speed up the process and transfer your lease to someone else. its you finding someone instead of waiting on others. its completely legal and your office should be agreeable. if not ill give you some legal vocab you can throw around to scare em

  3. Thanks for the advice! Our lease is up in Feb 2012. We looked at our lease and there is nothing that says how much we have to pay, that is why I went down and asked them. They said that they should be able to rent it out and we would only have to pay for a few weeks. I am going to post on craigslist and also send out an email to all the people in our ward.

  4. Move! Sounds like a great opportunity!