Monday, September 13, 2010


Today we took Reg to get his shots. Brent held him while I told Reg he was a brave boy and that mom and dad loved him. Every time they would poke him I would close my eyes while Reg would scream. He got three shots and was so brave. After it was all over I held him until he st oped crying. We put him in his car seat and drove home in silence. I think both Brent and I felt bad for putting our little bubba through pain. Since he got the shots at 10:30 this morning, Reg has been asleep and I have taken his temperature three times and its 100F. They said if it gets over 101f to give him some Tylenol. Poor little baby. He is just fast asleep in a puddle of sweat on his doggy rug my aunt gave him. Poor little dude doesn't even know what hit him:(


  1. totally started crying when i read and saw that little sweetie sleeping! hope he recovers and you and brent are ok. love you all!
    love auntie em

  2. Cutest little guy I have ever seen!! Seriously D! And it doesnt help that he is the happiest smiliest baby!