Wednesday, October 6, 2010

5 months

Can you believe my little man is almost five months old? He is getting so big and so much personality! He is such a chunky little guy I just love to kiss him and pinch his rolls. This week we gave him rice cereal for the first time. He was not to sure at first but then he warmed up to it. The only set back is he has STINKY toots and gross poop. Its all part of growing up I guess.

Since giving birth I have lost almost all my baby weight. All but these last ten pounds that just wont go away. I have tried diet, exercise anything you can think of but still nothing. And on top of that it seems like everything has shifted south if you get my drift? So needless to say I am not to happy with myself. I feel bad that Brent has to hear me complain and watch me pull things and talk about how this extra skin was not there before. So I have come to the conclusion that not only do we sacrifice time and money for our kids but also our bodies, and I am ok with that. So here is to my life as a mom with an imperfect body and a little less cash in my pocket but a sweet chubby boy. Cheers!


  1. Remember, they are not stretch marks. They are racing stripes!

  2. Stripes of honor! Wear them proudly. We love you for who you are...with or without the stripes. Papo and Tutu

  3. enjoy the journey! what more noble calling could you ever have then to sacrifice for your family. It comes to my mind that since motherhood is sacrificing your body and self, your Savior also sacrificed His body and self for us. It puts things in perspective when we realize that there is a greater purpose!

  4. right there with ya sista! lol! you look great, and im not just saying that, really u do.
    ur little man is super cute!