Thursday, June 3, 2010

Watch Dog

So the past few days I have been exploring our new home. The weather is nice it just stinks not knowing how to get around. I have been using the Internet and our gps to find places to go. Some things on my to do list are, get my hair done, get a spray tan, go pick fresh fruit, and go to the Portland Temple. I have been going through sun with drawls but not having to BLAST the a.c. is making up for it. The past three nights have been awesome. Reg is like a clock. Every three hours he is up and ready to eat. So Monday night he went 4 1/2 hours between his feedings. Then Tuesday night he slept from 10 to 4 and he did it again last night. I have NO idea why he is sleeping so well but I sure hope it continues. Reg also is a LOUD sleeper. He coos and grunts in his sleep. We have to sleep with white noise to drown him out. Its so cute all the noises and faces he makes while he is sleeping. He also loves to be held. He can be crying but the second he is picked up he smiles and stops. This is a good thing but when it comes to setting him down when he is asleep he will wake back up and give a sad face and start crying again.

Charlie is becoming a wilderness dog. Back home he would not go out in the rain and would jump over puddles. Here in Washington he has had to get over the rain thing but still jumps over puddles. He does however love running through the tall grass and chasing after rabbits. He also is constantly sitting by the back sliding door watching for squirrels. He will sit there for hours just waiting for one to come on the back porch. Then when he sees one he will bark and whimper at it. It is so funny to watch. It reminds me of the dog on the movie UP!

If you have seen the movie Zoolander you will get this. Blue Steel!

Reg loves his binkie

He also loves waving his arms around like a crazy man


  1. blue steel! haha! what a stud! glad charlie is liking his new surroundings. we sure miss you. have fun exploring!

  2. oh my goodness!!! i love the zoolander face!!! adorable!

  3. Whata cutie! I wanna see some pics of your house and the area, it looks beautiful there.

  4. Too funny! A spray tan is the only tan you'll get in Washington! As for a salon - I highly recommend Dharma Salon - right off the freeway in Ridgefield. And the Portland Temple is just 30 minutes away at the off-traffic time of day(after 6:30 is best). If I were there, I would go with you and hold or walk the baby while you go through a session. Have you made any friends yet? Let me know if you'd like babysitters -- though I know that's hard to do when Reg is so little still. And the report on Charlie is darling! Our puppy of 13 years LOVED the squirrels too in that backyard, but the bunnies had passed the word to stay away. ENJOY your sleep -- it'll change again!

  5. Charlie sounds a lot like Shera...squirrel!