Monday, June 21, 2010

baby daddy

So in honor of Fathers Day I would like to tell you a little about my baby daddy!

Brent and I were told that if we wanted kids we would have to do fertility. So because of this we started trying about six months after we were married. I would always think i was pregnant, take a test and be sad and depressed when it would come back "not pregnant." So last August i was late and wanted to take a test, Brent said i should just wait. I was mad because i thought he did not want me to be pregnant. So the next day from work he sent me this email.

Sorry I made you feel like I don't want to have a baby yesterday. I just know how excited you get and I don't want you to be sad if you aren't. I want to have a baby too but sometimes I am afraid that I am not ready and will not be a good dad or that we wont have enough money or time for each other anymore. I love you and am so happy that you married me.

Needless to say i took a test a few days later and i was pregnant.

Now that Reg is here Brent is the best dad ever. In the hospital i was so drugged up and could hardly move Brent would change, feed and rock Reg. He would also have daily singing time with Reg. He would put on Johnny Cash and sing to him for hours. The nurses would come in and just smile. Then when Brent would walk down the hall all of the nurses would say, "Oh you are the dad with the great singing voice." I was so proud! Brent loves holding, kissing and cuddling with Reg. I cant even imagine anyone loving their baby more than Brent. I am so glad i married Brent and that we have the cutest little boy together. I cant wait to have more babies with him and see him as our kids grow. So HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO MY BABY DADDY!


  1. love this! brent is the best!!! love you!

  2. You are both wonderful parents. Reg is blessed to be in your family.

    We love and miss you.

    Papo and Tutu

  3. So sweet Mandy-I almost cried-seriously. I'm so happy for you!