Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Much Needed

First let me start out by saying I AM 32 WEEKS PREGNANT ONLY 8 MORE TO GO! As you can tell I am just a bit excited and let me tell you why.
1 I cant wait to see my little guy:)
2 I cant wait to not be HUGE and uncomfortable
3 I want to not feel like I have a athlete in training in my tummy 24/7

Ok so since my last post alot has happened.

Brent went to Reno for a week for a competition for school. His team did not win but they did a great job. He talked to at least 5 companies about doing his internship with them this summer so that was good. We also decided that since it did not look like we would be staying her in AZ this summer we would rent out our house and move in with my mom:( It is not so bad we have the entire basement to ourselves.


Early in this month Hamilton Construction called and offered Brent an internship in Oregon. We were excited we had got one but said to know that right after Reginald is born we will have to move away for the summer. I mean what am I going to do with a new born and a dog. (Yes Charlie is a part of our family and will be making the long trip with us this summer:/) So now that we live in Mesa we get to see alot more of our friends and family. I love it! The doctor says I am doing great. He says my weight gain and Reg's growing are right on track. I dont have any stretch marks on my tummy.....yet so that is exciting too. I have been having BAD contractions but they ran some test and my cervix is still closed so they said to just take it easy. I have been outgrowing everything i own it seems overnight. It is uncomfortable and fun all at the same time. I have been stressing out about what I am going to do with a baby and how i will know what to do. I hope in the next 8 weeks I get some idea of what i am doing.

These past weeks I have been out looking and shopping for things for my little guy. Girl things are cute and sassy but I jsut cant get over little boys stuff. I mean how can you look at a little church outfit with a vest and not just have your heart melt? Or look at a little outfit that says mommy loves me and jsut not want to squeeze it? Surprisingly I have had awesome self controll and have only baught things I thought I could not live with out!

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  1. If you guys live in Oregon we can make party trips and visit each other!! We will be in Seattle in June!!