Sunday, January 24, 2010

just an "old" lady

So I know I have not posted in forever so here is a little update about the Lewis home. Brent has started back at ASU and is liking his classes. We both still don't have jobs and are just doing odd jobs for people. I am about 6 months pregnant and let me tell you baby Reg is a little busy body. He is kicking 24/7 it seems like he never sleeps which means I never sleep.

So today at church I was sitting in Relief Society and fanning myself with the program. We live in Arizona and it is not that cold but it felt like the heat was cranked to 90. So I ask my friend Natalie next to me if she was hot and she said she actually felt cold. So I looked around the room and realized I was like all the old My new adventure is beginning before Reg makes his grand entrance.

So I will post new pics and more info next time....Cross my heart!


  1. ya you better! i think having hot flashes is part of being pregnant

  2. Miranda! I stumbled on your blog- we met a couple times :D Congrats on the pregnancy! This is too funny...

  3. im so jealous that u GET to just sit in relief society-(never thought i would say that EVER) but after today, we called to NURSERY!!!! I would kill to just sit and listen!

  4. You should have brett apply for wells fargo.. my husband works there and likes it.. sorry i went to school with brent incase your wandering who i am