Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Ok so this week of sitting around in a big t-shirt and gym shorts has led me to the following topic.....FASHION. I look around and see all these cute girls in darling outfits and think "I want to look like that". So I venture out and then I realize I am a cheap skate and cant see how you pay $30 for a shirt. So I go home empty handed. This is always depressing because I dream of all the cute stuff I will come home with and then go into my closet and see the same old stuff. So I am asking the question what and where are cute INEXPENSIVE places to shop. I dont know why after 22years and growing up with 4 sisters I dont know any of this but I dont. My sister Myla always is dressed cute and has cute stuff but then I realized its because she sells cute bags and jewelry so she has to be "in style".(ps her blog is pursenickety.blogspot.com). Then there is my sister Marissa, i give her my old stuff and I see her wear it and think " Why did it not look like that on me"? So I am asking all of you my fellow bloggers where you shop and get your cute stuff? I am looking for the following items. Cowgirl boots, cute shirts, layering items, and jeans. Thanks for all your help, I will let you all know how my quest ends.


  1. Layering?
    For colorful tank tops and such, they sell down east basics stuff at seagull for pretty cheap. Target always has a happy clearance section. And I know how trashy this is gonna sound but Walmart will once in awhile have some gems! Also, our family are all firm believers in thrift store shopping! Then there's the usual Forever 21 and Ross. Always happy cheap stuff there!
    (But I too love me some basketball shorts and a t-shirt!)

  2. girl to find odds and ends like thick belts, scarfs som cute pieces... thrift store... so serious, when i get back we are going and im gonna teach ya a thing or two about that place, cute jeans, name brand exchange or buffalo are awesome for that! also great for cute and inexpensive tees, forever 21 always has crazy stuff for cheap and will give you ideas on how to mix and match things up. marshalls, ross are also great, you have to search but to find cute and cheap stuff... thats what you gotta do!

  3. Um, I think you are fabulously cute. But I'm glad you're asking for info--I'll be checking back to hear responses since despite also having 4 sisters and one fabulous sister-in-law, I am clueless!

  4. Girl, everytime I see you, you look super cute. But yesterday I went shopping and got 3 cute dresses and a shirt for $40 at marshalls. Thing is there is, you have to dig! Also, downeast basics at superstition is cheap. Good luck...happy shopping!

  5. Okay, I am the queen of shopping. I cant pay $30 bucks for a shirt that is crazy. So this is what I do,

    Shop at Target and Maceys clearance skirts and shirts
    Ross and Marshalls for cute dresses

    I go to thrift stores and find adorable things, but you have to go to Scottsdale or east Mesa thrift stores, and go when it is dollar day. You will be amazed.

    Jeans, old navy and name brand exchange.

    Trust me you will find them, for the boots...I would say your going to have to spend some bones for them, try going to the clearance at that store in Riverview market place, I cant remember the name but my girlfriend got a pay there for $40 on clearance, they also send coupons in the mail.

    Okay, good luck!!!

  6. Oh, yah sorry forgot to tell you, Anchor Blue in the Fiesta mall is going out of business, take advantage, I heard they have $3 tees!!!

  7. Hmmm...like you said, I always get my cute clothes for free...from you...But that's beside the point! You and Myla always look so trendy and young. I don't know what you're worried about! (But if you find cute cowgirl boots tell me cause I've been lookin' to get me a pair too.)

  8. You know who this is- Thanks for doing my hair! ps....ur hot

  9. We love you just the way you are.

    Jerry and Janet