Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A New Me

So this past Monday I took my written part of state board and I PASSED! I was so excited and proud of myself for the extra hours I had put into to studying. I take the practical part of my exam on Monday and if all goes well I will be a licensed cosmetologist!

So at the start of a new year most make goals, but I missed that by about eight months. So I decide that I would start now, better late than never right?

1) Attend the temple more often
There is no excuse for not going at least every month or every week for that matter.
2) Learn to cook….better
I want to be able to cook for my family or future family and have confidence in what I am doing.
3) Get a job
At this point I won’t be picky. I originally wanted to work at Avante Salon with one of my best friends Amber, but just a job would do now!
4) get healthy
I want to do this not only for the fact its good for you but it is good practice for when I get pregnant. (Hopefully this year)
5) Get a tan
Since the new study came out about tanning beds and skin cancer I think I will just stick to self tanners!
6) Be more crafty
I want to have that home around the holiday season that just feels all warm and cozy and is decorated to the tee.

So these are my goals so far. What are some goals you have? Maybe we have similar goals and we could work on them TOGETHER!


  1. when i get home we should go to the temple together and craft together!!!! yayayayaya!!!

  2. These are fabulous goals!!!!!
    Yay for Miranda!!!!