Saturday, February 7, 2009

What's New?!

So what is new? Well me and Brent have almost been married 1year. How crazy is that? It does not seem that long. We made it....YAY! We also moved out to QUEEN CREEK. Yes i know what you all must be thinking but it is only like a 35min drive into to Mesa, and we like being out on our own but yet close enough to go home for Sunday dinners. Brent is doing good with his school (construction is his major) and i am loving work and school. I jsut found out this week that i shoule be done by August at the latest, then i hope to work at a salon...It would be awesome if i could work at Avante with one of my oldest friends Amber. Did you know we have know each other since third grade. How crazy is that? And then i have Brit, Brooke and Sash and we have been friends since junior high. Man how the time flys by. We all get together and we still act like we are back in ninth grade at times.haha. Well i dont know what else to say...


  1. Miranda,

    It is so great to find you! Wow, time flies by.... you and Brent look like your doing great! I am so happy for you.

    Kino Kolts for life.... ninth grade was the best for everyone!

  2. Ah D! I never get on here!! But congrats and I love you!!!!