Sunday, February 8, 2009

and MORE!!!

ok so i feel bad that i did not mention ALL of my friends...Like Megan and Jessica. i went to Evit with them when i was first starting beauty school. and then i have Jen and Kelsie who i have not known that long but still they are my friends....And if i forgot anyone i am SO sorry. i tend to be a space case so ya forgive me. But on a different subject i have been hearing alot of gossip that Jessica Simpson is fat and blah blah blah. Well i think that is suck crap. everyone said it about Tyra and now about Jessica. I say more power to them. i think that it is so gay that if you are not a size 0 then you are not "HOT". Well i think Jessica and Tyra are still drop dead gorgeous even if they are what some may call"Fat". i think there are alot of skinny girls out there you are cocky and i think that makes you unattractive. So ya that is my little thought of the week....dont know why i just told all of you this but thats how i feel.

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  1. Ha Ha I love our friends! And I'd say we act more like 8th graders,
    9th grade is giving us way to much credit!