Wednesday, July 30, 2008


so yesterday i was sitting at home and felt the couch and table move from under me. then all the windows shook and the door also. i was puzzled and did not get what was going on. i figured it was just the military flying their planes over us, because they do every one and a while and its super loud. i did not think much about it and thought i was crazy. i called brent and asked him if he felt anything and he said no so i just moved on with my day. when i got to work all the girls asked if i felt the earthquake. i said oh is that what that was, they were all surprised. so ya that is my story of our earthquake. it was based in l.a. so that is like 2 hours from us so it was not all that big here. here are some pics from our wedding....people have requested i put more up:)

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