Sunday, July 20, 2008


So last week we decided to go to the san diego zoo. i was amazing! the animals were so close. brent was in heaven. we took amazing pictures. So then last night we traveled to la to see a jimmy eat world concert. it was so cool and it we free since my brother in laws brother is in the band. then we walked around hollywood and saw the stars on the side walk and all the famous stuff. Well during this trip our camera got stollen with all the awesome pics:( so this post will just have to be words no pics. sorry yall,


  1. yor camera got stollen?! That sucks! Well at least it sounds like you two are having alot of fun though! Lucky you!

  2. FOUND YOU!!!! So we're at the Vernal Library making grandma use technology and I had to keep up my blog stalking routine and I totally found you on Tim and Camille's blog! I freaking love it!! "Lewis Lovers" CLASSIC!!!! So so sorry your camera got stolen!! Can't wait to see you guys in like 3 days!!!!! love love love