Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June so far.

I have been told I am terrible at updating my blog so I am going to try to be better. So far the month of June has had it's ups and downs.

 At the end of May I was told I had to stop treatment  for two weeks because I had devolped a large cyst. I was put on birth controll for two weeks to try and shrink the cyst. After the two weeks I went back in and thet found I have three large cysts and about ten smaller ones. They said the smaller ones could be old follicles(ege sacks) and they should obsord with in the month. As for the larger ones they said those were caused by the meds I was on and that we would need to take a break from all fertility treatments for a while, I was heart broken. Two times in a row I had to stop treatment. Brent was good at trying to comfort me and telling me it would all work out. SO there will be no baby Lewis for a while......but don't worry we are not givng up:)

The rest of June has been full of fun. We took Reg to the fair where we ate greasy food, rode the carousel, and looked at model trains. The kid was in heaven. Then this past weekend we decided to take Reg on his first camping trip. The campsite had a train, carousel, ice cream parlor, lake and so much more. Needless to say we all had fun and enjoyed ourselves. Reg loved eating s'mores and sleeping in the tent. It got a little cold at night so now we know we need to pack warmer clothes. I was glad we all had fun and I can't wait for more family camping trips

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  1. So sorry about the health issues :( Reg is a stud. Miss you