Tuesday, June 23, 2009


ok so brent got an internship building the light rail in phoenix. we were so excited because we did not have to move away and we got to be together. well recently the city of phoenix put a stop to the building of the light rail and we were scared brent was going to lose his internship. (he needs this to graduate) so after a lot of stressing out and wondering what was going to happen the company he is working for said they could use him down in tucson and he would be there monday through friday. well this was a HUGE relief that he would still be able to work but then it hit me, brent would be gone all week and i would be alone and bored. i hate sleeping and being alone. i hear a little noise and freak out and cant sleep or move. well the first night was hard but then i realized i have charlie. so i just snuggle with him and when i get scared i talk to him. i know you all must be thinking he is a dog but to me his is a BLESSING because it makes it easier to have brent away and helps me to stay sane. i am so grateful that i have charlie but most of all that i have a husband who works so hard at everything he does. i am the luckiest girl!


  1. oh thats so great!!! so glad he is still working. you and charlie take good careof each other!! you will get through this! love you

  2. O my gosh! I would totally die!! That would be soo hard! I totally freak out to sleep home alone! Well at least everything worked out with Brents internship! And good thing for Charlie!

  3. Glad to hear everything worked out :)

  4. Okay I will no longer hate that dog as long as he keeps you happy and sane. (It wasn't really him, i just hate dogs in general, but I'll make an exception.)
    LOVE that picture!
    It's on our computer desk!