Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ocean Kayaking

So me and Brent decided to be dare devils and go ocean kiaking. I was nervous because i heard there are leopard sharks and other fish you can see, and well it has taken me almost all summer to get in the water. Brent has to drag me out there because i am scared of fish touching me. So on our adventure we saw sharks at least 4ft long and i was not even scared. They would just swim under us so that was ok. After paddling out a ways there were sting rays HUGE ones, like as big as Brent. There stinger alone was about 3ft. That was a rush!! Then i saw something out of the corner of my eye that looked like a fin sticking out of the water. I FREAKED out and yelled for Brent. After about 20 seconds of looking at the thing we realized it was a Seal just playing a joke on us. And it was NOT funny. We saw Dr Sues house and also a fault line (that's were earthquakes come from) and a house was built right on it. Not to smart if you ask me. The best part was when Brent and me were just chilling something hit my paddle and i look down and there is a seal looking at me. I was a little scared but it stayed with in reaching distance of Brent and me for like 3 minuets and was just splashing around and stuff. So that was my experience with that. It was ALOT of fun and i would recommend it!!


  1. how fun, that is such a nice experience, it sounds like you two are having alot of fun!